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Hot Dog!

Oscar Meyer Wienermobiles, with a side order of German mustard!

Driving past Oscar Meyer headquarters one day, I spotted a half-dozen of the iconic Wienermobiles assembled in the parking lot. I wheeled the Westy in to admire these monumental monstrosities of meat, glistening in the sun and neatly arrayed as if fresh off the grill at a family cookout.

Elsewhere in the parking lot there was a basic road course outlined in orange traffic cones. I can only assume the current graduating class of Wienermobile pilots—officially known as Hotdoggers—were preparing for their high-performance driving lessons. From the looks of the road course, this would involve tight low-speed curves, panic skid stops, convoluted Y-turns, and a sausage-y slalom.

I grabbed a few photos, went about my errands, and when I returned, the hot-rod hot dogs had been joined by the Planters Mister Peanut Nutmobile.

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, and Acadia NP

p1010681The Camp Westfalia crew recently completed a 4-week, 6000-mile roundtrip tour in our 1983 Vanagon Westfalia, tracing the northern shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway eastward from Wisconsin through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia  to the Atlantic, then returning home along the south bank of the Seaway.

Highlights include: Montreal, Cape Breton Island, Bay of Fundy, Acadia National Park, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Niagara Falls, and more.

Here are a few photos & video clips to inspire your own Vanagon journeys, and check out the full trip report here!

A cliffside campsite overlooking Meat Cove, the northernmost road on Cape Breton Island, is the perfect place to witness one of the first sunrises on North America each day.

The Bay of Fundy is known for its extreme tidal ranges, rising and falling as much as 53 feet twice each day. But the effects are not confined to the ocean beaches, as can be seen in this salt marsh behind our campsite.

This time-lapse video was shot over a period of about three hours.

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