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Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 1

A 3800-mile cross-country roadtrip from Wisconsin to Glacier National Park, retracing portions of the routes of Lewis and Clark, and the nation’s northernmost transcontinental railroad. “No sand or heavy mountain grades, Mosquitos as scarce as hen’s teeth, No bad creeks or rivers to ford, Plenty of water, no sand storms, Eighty tourist camping grounds, all […]

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Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 14

Day 14: Lewistown, Montana We stop in at the Bureau of Land Management field office on the east side of town to get current road conditions and other advice before embarking on our next foray off the beaten track. Motoring north thirty-five miles to Winifred, we duck in behind the grain elevator to catch the […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 13

Day 13: Great Falls, Montana In the morning we drive down to the river and try to see it through Lewis and Clark’s eyes. It’s not easy, as all the falls and rapids are now dammed, so the several falls which Lewis estimated were second in grandeur and beauty only to those of Niagara are […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 12

Day 12:  Bowman Lake Campground, Glacier National Park, Montana Thanks to the dearth of campers here, or perhaps the abundance of wolves and fox, our sleep is not interrupted by mice, and we awaken rested and refreshed. A heavy gray pall has fallen over the place overnight, so the drive out from Bowman Lake is […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 11

Day 11: Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park, Montana A cold rain is falling today, so after breakfast in the lodge we warm our feet by the grand fireplace while we write postcards to family and friends. Nearby sit some dejected motorcyclists who had planned to cross over the Divide today, but a lodge staffer […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 10

Day 10: Avalanche Campground, Glacier National Park, Montana Lorie insists she heard nothing, but I am pretty sure I discerned rambunctious rodents burrowing around in our air ducts and galley cabinets, trying to gnaw open tin cans with their teeth and tearing into my secret cache of Gummi Worms. I am unrested and out of […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 9

Day 9: Avalanche Campground, Glacier National Park, Montana It is raining again this morning, so after a big breakfast in camp we walk the deep and dark Trail of the Cedars, made all the more mysterious today by the dense mists and dripping boughs. When we return to camp and begin settling in, an orange […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 8

Day 8: Many Glacier Campground, Glacier National Park, Montana Motoring out of the Many Glacier valley at sunrise, we swing south to St. Mary, then re-enter the park and drive up the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Our spirits are high, the entire park seeming to unfold before our eyes as we wend our way upward toward the […]

Great Northern Roadtrip, Day 7

Day 7:  Many Glacier Campground, Glacier National Park, Montana After breakfast, Lorie and I catch the trailhead at Swiftcurrent and hike up the creek to Red Rock Falls. Along the way we see several white mountain goats high on the slopes and ledges of the surrounding mountainsides, dining on lichen and merrily skipping from one […]