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 A Mobile Anachronism

Truth be told, it is no easy feat to keep a 30-year-old van running. Especially one with the added complexity of the Westfalia Camper package. And especially if you expect it to withstand the rigors of everything from long-distance, non-stop thru-trips to unpaved backwoods camping forays.

In all likelihood, the previous owner neglected or abused the poor beast, and there may be any number of hidden components just waiting to fail, leaving you stranded.

The good news is that although those with cold hearts may have let the old gal slip into a sad state of decline, that maintenance curve can be reversed, and with proper care, the right attitude (and a somewhat thick wallet) she can be brought back into her full functionality and former glory.

Vanagon Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

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Vanagon Hydraulic Clutch System Overview

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