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Replacing the Vanagon Engine Cover Insulation

Remove the old rotted and crumbling insulation beneath your engine cover and replace with this slick modern upgrade. The Vanagon’s engine, as you undoubtedly know, is located in the rear of the vehicle, and is accessed via a large opening in the rear deck, covered by a lid. The underside of this lid is covered […]

Diesel Vanagon Coolant Expansion Tank Bracket

The mounting bracket for the stock coolant expansion tank on a 1983 diesel Vanagon is prone to forming stress cracks and leaks in the plastic tank, due to the way it attaches to the bulkhead just forward of the battery platform. During the course of an engine replacement, I upgraded to a complete set of […]

Replace the Vanagon Cigarette Lighter with a USB Port

Update your loose lighter socket (and optional DIN socket) with modern 12-volt power and USB ports Many early-1980s Vanagon dashboard cigarette lighter sockets are slightly larger than North American plugs, making for a sloppy fit when using modern 12-volt phone chargers, lights, dashboard fans and other accessories. In addition, some Vanagons are also equipped with […]

Replacing the Westfalia Tent Window Screen

How to replace the torn or tattered window screen in your Volkswagen Westfalia Camper popup tent After many miles and many years of camping, the insect screen in the popup tent window of your campervan can turn old and brittle. It will eventually start splitting and crumbling apart, allowing pesky bugs into your cozy abode. […]

Using a Vanagon Engine Heater

Here in the Great White North, we know a thing or two about operating cars in cold weather. In fact, my Wisconsin hometown (just one or two tankfuls from Canada) suffers January average temperatures several degrees colder than that of Hannover, Germany, birthplace of our beloved VW Vanagons. As a child, riding in a car […]

Cabinet Lid Support

The Westfalia center kitchen cabinet with the two top-entry compartments is convenient for storing canned and packaged foods and other groceries. Our only complaint was that these lids refused to stay open while we rummaged around inside for the cowboy beans or a tiny tin of sardines in mustard sauce. The solution, fortunately, lay at […]