For Sale: 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Multivan

Camp Westfalia reader Tom from the Lake Tahoe mountains of California, is selling his 1990 Multivan, and offers the following:

Multivans are high-end Westfalias; basically a Carat with a pop-top. They are more rare and more utilitarian than the campers with kitchens. This one has a best-in-the-business “Engel” swing motor fridge, which can be taken out for more storage/passenger space. It has power windows, power door locks, and power mirrors.

This is a California vehicle, zero rust. We’ve recently moved to the Lake Tahoe mountains and the vehicle is just not practical up here, so, sadly, I need to sell her (my wife named her “Vana”).

This great van can currently be seen at Westy-World in Chico, CA; ask for Brian.

Here are the many, many things that I’ve done to my Vanagon:

1. Exterior – front to back

a. WestyWorld upgraded front bumper with integrated fog lights
b. GoWesty upgraded high-powered headlights
c. Luggage rack includes:
i. Dry bag
ii. Wet bag – need to find this, but we have it
iii. Cargo net
d. GoWesty “Wasser-stopper” rain fly
e. Canvas was upgraded to three window from GoWesty (they installed it)
f. ShadyBoy compact awning system
g. Tinted rear windows and hatch window (not front windows, illegal in CA)
h. Wheels – Ronal R9 – very rare and very beautiful.
i. External AC charging outlet for shore power
j. Renogy 100-watt flexible solar panel – custom roof-mounted
k. Rack mounts on the pop-top
l. Yakima rack towers and bars
m. Yakima large “basket”
n. Extra struts to help make it easy to lift the pop-top
o. WestyWorld – upgraded bumper with integrated 2” hitch and internal lockable storage
p. WestyWorld swing-away exterior storage box
q. Rear battery jumper cable attachment (like a forklift charging connection)
r. Mosquito screen for back hatch
s. Hatch prop tool that holds the hatch open two inches to let air in and still lock the Vanagon

2. Interior – front to back

a. Dashboard
i. GoWesty ashtray replacement
ii. GoWesty solar battery charger for front windshield (small)
iii. Focal 3-way audiophile quality speakers
iv. SmallCar (VintageAir) in-dash air conditioning
v. Two USB outlets with battery readouts for starter and coach batteries
vi. Alpine audiophile quality stereo head-unit with CD player
b. Front seating area
i. GoWesty carpet mat for front area
ii. Recaro high performance seats
iii. Under seat lockable storage (passenger seat)
iv. VanagonLife steel center console lockable storage
v. GoWesty privacy curtain for behind seats
c. Upper bed – GoWesty mattress topper
d. Electrical
i. Renogy solar charge controller
ii. Noco brand battery isolator
iii. Optima Yellowtop (confirm) AGM starter battery
iv. Two 12v custom-installed auxiliary power outlets (cigarette lighter) for fridge, etc.
v. Inverter to charge battery when connected to shore power
vi. Noco jump starter battery pack
e. Engel 45-quart fridge/freezer (runs on AC or DC)
f. GoWesty insulation panels for windows
g. GoWesty rear area carpet mat upgrade
h. Above the back seat
i. Custom built cabinet/storage (where the poorly designed factory AC used to be)
ii. Focal two-way audiophile-quality speakers
i. Under that back seat
i. 100-amp hour lithium ion battery
ii. 400-watt Mosconi audiophile quality amplifier
iii. 1,000-watt JL Audio subwoofer amplifier
iv. 12” JL Audio subwoofer in a custom sub cabinet
v. Heater was removed to minimize the possibility of leaks, etc.
j. Back cabinet removed to create more space for sleeping, carrying 4×8 sheets of plywood, etc.

3. Engine and mechanicals

a. GoWesty 2.3 engine – installed at 204K miles – currently less than 40K miles on it
b. German Transaxle 3-speed automatic w/ “highway flyer” taller final gear ratio (upgraded from a 4-speed
manual) – installed with new engine
c. Upgraded GoWesty alternator bracket
d. Every possible cooling upgrade on the planet, including stainless steel pipes, etc.
e. GoWesty South African big brakes (front)
f. Bilstein shocks

This great van can currently be seen at Westy-World in Chico, CA; ask for Brian.