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Vanagon Coolant Pipe Mounting Bracket Set, for 32 mm (1.25”) dia. pipes

$60.00 $49.00

1983 thru 1985 Vanagons
originally equipped with 1.25”-diameter STEEL coolant pipes.

Also available to fit late 1985 thru 1991 Vanagons originally equipped with 1.50”-diameter PLASTIC coolant pipes.

These brackets securely anchor your new stainless steel coolant pipes and standard heater hoses when replacing your old steel or plastic coolant pipes.

Easily attached to the bottom of a chassis member with the included stainless steel hardware, the slick one-piece brackets replace your old rusted thin wire brackets or broken plastic zip-ties to mount your new pipes, keeping them snug, secure, and out of the way. Provide additional support to center joint of two-piece aftermarket pipes.

The rear bracket easily mounts the two coolant pipes, while the front bracket mounts the two coolant pipes and two heater hoses.

These heavy duty replacements are patterned on the factory brackets used on the very early water-cooled Vanagons. Fabricated of 3 mm aluminum, the brackets will last for decades of use.

Set includes one front and one rear bracket to mount 32 mm (1.25”) diameter pipes and standard heater hoses, with stainless steel mounting hardware, and easy installation instructions.

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