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Lake Superior Circumnavigation 2

The Camp Westfalia crew recently embarked on another Lake Superior Circle Tour: 1000 miles around the wild and rugged shores of the Greatest of the Great Lakes. Ride along!

We drive north today toward the inland sea of Lake Superior. Happily cruising along in very light traffic under sunny skies, when suddenly an old El Camino in the right-hand lane veers left in front of us, to cross the median. I throw the wheel over hard to the left and lock up the Vanagon’s brakes, and we go into a four-wheel crabbing skid. We finally stop in the median cross-road, only five feet from his door.

The eighty-year-old driver smiles and goes on his way, apparently oblivious to his deadly mistake. I scowl and go in search of a good stiff drink to settle my nerves …

From Duluth we continue north along Minnesota’s North Shore. Make it as far as Grand Portage, Minnesota, where we have a late-night slice of pizza in the casino cafe. We take a site in the adjacent RV park overlooking the marina, and settle in among the retirees squandering their 401k’s in the casino.

“Lorie’s Lounge” is soon open and (as previously mentioned) I finally enjoy my long-awaited adult beverage …

Sunrise on Lake Superior.

Our border crossing is uneventful, and we soon hit Thunder Bay, Ontario.

After a quick tour of the Sleeping Giant peninsula, we continue eastward along the Trans-Canada Highway, around the northernmost point of Lake Superior. Late afternoon finds us in Rossport, Ontario, where we stop at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park for lakeside camping on the Inland Sea …

We cruise the north shore today, rolling through rugged and rocky Canadian Shield country. Cold inland lakes glitter between granite mountains.

Exploring remote forest roads often leads to beautiful new discoveries. Sometimes not …

We finally camp at Pukaskwa National Park.

At Young’s General Store in Wawa, Ontario we are greeted by one of the city’s famous gargantuan geese. This particular bird was recently retired, and replaced by a new stainless steel model, which can be seen right from the highway.

Another fantastic campsite right on the beach at Agawa Bay Campground.

There are a few advantages to travelling in the off season: no crowds, no noise, no bugs (my god, the bugs!). In fact, not much of anything at all …

Pancake Bay Provincial Park. Legend has it when Lake Superior voyageurs camped here, they knew they were only one day away from fresh supplies in Sault Ste. Marie. So they used up the last of their flour and enjoyed a big ole batch of pancakes.

Mmmm, pancakes …

Having nearly completed our loop of the lake, I realize the Westy is entirely too clean. So, before turning south for home, we let her off the leash for a bit of backwoods romping in the dirt.

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