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Product Review: TOPDC 100PSI Double-Cylinder Portable Air Compressor

A lightweight, compact 12-volt air compressor for refilling tires and other inflatable equipment DISCLOSURE Camp Westfalia was provided with a product sample at no cost in return for an authentic review of this product. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of Camp Westfalia, and are not otherwise influenced by the manufacturer or its […]

Your Emergency On-Board Vanagon Tool Kit

How to put together a complete emergency tool kit for your Vanagon, Transporter, or Bus Every tool is a hammer, except for a screwdriver, which is a chisel. Perales, Samba member You’ve spent the better part of the spring (and no small amount of cash) repairing, maintaining, and restoring your Vanagon or Bus, preparing it […]

10 Great Van Camping Accessories

Any day spent on the road is better than a day spent at work, and a good piece of travel gear can make it even better. DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers Vanagon campers tend to take the road less traveled, beyond the borderlands of Wi-Fi, cell service, and flush toilets. The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers will […]

Not Your Father’s Craftsman

I come from a long line of practical, hard-working, German-American farmers, carpenters, and do-it-yourselfers. A polite person might call us ‘thrifty’, but we also know that building and fixing your own stuff requires the best tools you can afford, from a maker who—like we taciturn Teutonics—stands behind his work. Forever. And for at least three […]

Essential Vanagon Tools

“Usually, the only tool you need is the one you don’t have.” Andrew A. Libby, Samba member Basic Tools The VW Vanagon will require few special tools, and most work can be performed with conventional tools available to the average home mechanic. The following is by no means a complete listing, but should give any […]