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Not Your Father’s Craftsman

I come from a long line of practical, hard-working, German-American farmers, carpenters, and do-it-yourselfers. A polite person might call us ‘thrifty’, but we also know that building and fixing your own stuff requires the best tools you can afford, from a maker who—like we taciturn Teutonics—stands behind his work. Forever. And for at least three […]

Al Fresco Acoustic

Having completed a bit of wrenching on the Vanagon, I recently decided to try my hand at another craft, and the result is my first attempt at sewing something besides a pair of old jeans with worn-out knees. When camping in the Westfalia, I have often wished for a small guitar to mess around with […]

A Westfalia Reunion

“The way these vans have shaped and enriched our family life would make one believe these darn things have a soul.” Syncroserge, Samba member Anyone who’s ever had a Bus, Vanagon, or any other old VW knows that Volkswagen ownership confers membership in a rather unique and tight-knit ‘family’ of other owners. Random encounters in […]