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Lake Superior Circumnavigation 2

The Camp Westfalia crew recently embarked on another Lake Superior Circle Tour: 1000 miles around the wild and rugged shores of the Greatest of the Great Lakes. Ride along! We drive north today toward the inland sea of Lake Superior. Happily cruising along in very light traffic under sunny skies, when suddenly an old El […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 15

Day 15: Fort Wilkins State Park, Copper Harbor, Michigan A cold rain continues to spatter against the pop-up roof this morning. Though snug and dry inside the Westfalia, we are beset by a growing sense of gloom today, only partly caused by the gray and wet skies. A hot breakfast helps a little, and we […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 14

Day 14: Fort Wilkins State Park, Copper Harbor, Michigan Though Fort Wilkins spent far more years in disuse and decrepitude than in active service, today it provides a remarkably clear view into life in a remote military garrison a century-and-a-half in the past. Thanks largely to an extensive WPA project in the 1930s, twelve of […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 13

Day 13: McLain State Park, Houghton, Michigan No sooner had the great glaciers begun melting and retreating back to the northern climes of Canada, about 11,000 years ago, than prehistoric human hunters and gatherers began following the game animals and burgeoning fauna which advanced in the wake of the ice sheets. Besides the well known […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 12

Day 12: L’Anse, Michigan Over breakfast in a small diner overlooking L’Anse’s lovely namesake harbor, we peruse our gazetteer, then head southwest into the Ottawa National Forest. Encompassing 14,000 wooded acres of rugged and rocky wilderness, the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness unit is bisected by the Sturgeon River as it makes its way twenty-five miles […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 11

Day 11: Lake Superior State Forest, Deer Park, Michigan Leaving our cozy campsite, we continue west on Michigan State Hwy 58. The road soon turns from firm, compacted sand to limestone rocks the size of one’s fist. It is the largest ‘gravel’ I have ever seen covering a road. “Huh,” I think as the rough […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 10

Day 10: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario In the morning, we cruise down to the famous Soo Locks to see if we might glimpse any big ore carriers passing from one Great Lake to another, but alas we do not. Driving here, at higher speeds again, I once again notice the rear wheel vibration, and take […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 9

Day 9:  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario In the morning we quickly dress and motor into town. We have tickets for the Agawa Canyon tour train, a hundred-mile ride up among the granite valleys and pristine lakes of the Canadian Shield country, aboard the Algoma Central Railway. We board the waiting train and soon enter 22,000 […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 8

Day 8: Wawa, Ontario Today dawns to a cold, wet sleet. We hit the road early and the Vanagon’s tires soon thrum and hiss on the wet pavement. The highway veers closer to the shoreline as we enter Lake Superior Provincial Park, then heads into the interior of the park. The campgrounds are closed this […]

A Superior State of Mind, Day 7

Day 7: Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario After breakfast in camp, we amble down to see the beautiful Kakabeka Falls. Here the Kaministiquia River flows down from the Laurentian Divide and suddenly plunges over the lip of a slate geological fault. Sometimes called the Niagara of the North, Kakabeka drops over 120 feet […]